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Medium bag (13 gallon bag) opaque

24.5" width x 27" height x 1.8 mil thick
Limited Stock!!!

Perfect for adult incontinence, hunting, outdoor activities


OdorNo Odor-Barrier Bags are a great heavy-duty 13 gallon alternative to dispose of your worst smelling trash. Made tear-resistant they are perfect for disposing heavy kitty litter, stinky dog waste, messy baby diapers, incontinence products and other unpleasant odors around the home. OdorNo bags are unscented and free of harsh chemicals and additives that can be found in other products. Discreet opaque green bags with odor-barrier technology allows dirty diapers to be disposed of anywhere.

OdorNo Odor-Barrier Bags are great from travel.  The heavy duty bags are great for the suitcase; wether it is keeping your work out clothes from smelling up your luggage or just traveling with dirth clothes.  OdorNo bags work great in the car or truck for storing smelly things and garbage while you are on the move.  There is no reason that your vehicle should have to smell, dispose of those smelly items in an OdorNo bag and you will not have to smell it.

OdorNo Odor-Barrier Bags – Unlike any bag available today this bag forms a 100% odor barrier between the stored item and the outside world’s noses. Tested on bears! This product has proven that once an item is placed in the bag and closed with the reusable clips nothing can smell through it. This patented technology is lightweight, tear resistant and biodegradable in a land fill in over a year. When used in conjunction with proper bear safety and scent management techniques it is a powerful tool to aide in backcountry safety and successful hunts. Great for storing your gear and keeping the human and everyday scents off of it.

Multi-Use, 13 Gallon, 25 Count Box

SKU: KIT-13-4035
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