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About Odorno


With its emphasis on environmental safety and personal convenience, OdorNo redefines a critical area of consumer goods and commercial business. This new product, which eliminates the smell of baby diapers, pet waste and other malodorous items, is a welcome addition to an industry where there is significant demand for innovation and new leadership. And that summons to help others – a commitment to link respect for the planet with business acumen – is something that defines OdorNo as a social enterprise. Starting with the principles of Garett Fortune, the Founder and CEO of OdorNo, the company believes in a simple yet revolutionary concept: that waste, the last thing (or series of things) we bag and dispose of, should not be the most environmentally costly – and inefficient – action we make, either as individuals or representatives of private business.

This concept, that we can offer convenience with a conscience, is the hallmark responsible for the success of OdorNo. Imagine a situation where the smell of a dirty diaper or a litter box does not pervade the senses. Picture a small apartment liberated from the foul odor of garbage, a medical office freed from malodorous contents and potentially hazardous waste. Now envision these places with an OdorNo bag in every room, made in America – that safely and effectively eliminate these otherwise stinky phenomena.

As OdorNo becomes a staple for consumers and a necessity for commercial clients, the public benefits from this shift towards responsible stewardship. No longer do we, as individuals and as shoppers, have to purchase inferior, overpriced brands that put our protection – and the environment’s longevity – last. OdorNo forever changes this dynamic, creating jobs here at home while delivering peace of mind to a diverse field of industries. We now have a product that honors our values, respects our budget and rewards our planet. And therein lies the heart of OdorNo: a company that will never forsake its ideals for illusory gains or false promises.

OdorNo welcomes this opportunity to lead by its own example of integrity and innovation. The future is now — for the planet. For OdorNo.


As the Founder and CEO of OdorNo, Garett Fortune combines his passion for innovation with an equally strong sense of humanity. This sense of doing well by doing good, a belief in the necessity of transforming old industries into models of efficiency and environmental health, distinguishes Garett as an entrepreneur who recognizes that consumers want – no, they deserve – products that improve the planet. This commitment to responsible citizenship is at the center of a broad record of professional success: from incubating a series of innovative companies to delivering value and intelligent pricing, Garett takes established categories — and he forever changes them, offering integrity and excellence in manufacturing.

These principles extend to Garett’s emphasis on developing products in the United States, proving that America is a source of pride and quality. With this dedication for helping others, OdorNo has a leader with the insight necessary to succeed.

A military veteran, Garett holds degrees from Kent State University and the University of Arizona.

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