Convenience for Everyone: OdorNo in the Marketplace

Some brands – even the most successful household names – only appeal to specific group of consumers. These products may be profitable and recognizable, but they are not – and they will never be – popular among the most diverse array of people. From individuals to couples to families to seniors, only one brand has the ability to capture the public’s attention and inspire the media’s imagination: OdorNo.

We write these words without braggadocio or arrogance, for we understand the rare opportunity before us: a chance to introduce a new and innovative product that can help everyone, an affordable brand that is a staple of daily use; a trash bag that eliminates the foul smells of diapers, food and pet waste without any harsh chemicals or dangerous additives. This latter point, that OdorNo is safe and convenient, symbolizes our belief that the best products are also the safest products – they offer value, along with the peace of mind consumers expect from a brand of such unrivaled excellence.

These benefits are our expression of thanks to the public, for endorsing the principles that distinguish OdorNo as a source of integrity, inspiration and business success. Again, we issue these words with the greatest sense of humility and gratitude, because we have a product – something that redefines convenience for millions of consumers nationwide – that is a model of achievement and dedication. Those ideals shall forever be our guiding principles.