Made in America: OdorNo and Creating Jobs in the United States

OdorNo is an innovative brand, but it is also a symbol of our commitment to creating jobs in the United States. In fact, our new manufacturing facility – a spacious warehouse with the machinery necessary to produce our proprietary line of products – is a chance for us, as a company, to keep and expand jobs here at home. We understand the importance of honoring the people who support us, so we intend to reciprocate by providing an opportunity to increase employment and showcase the ingenuity of our team, right here in Ohio. And, while larger corporations or more recognizable brand names may manufacture their products overseas, we choose to invest – in people and resources – that are the lifeblood of our economy.

More to the point, OdorNo is the brainchild of a military veteran – an individual with a love for this country – who understands the value of increasing manufacturing jobs in the States. That insight is also a benefit to consumers who want to help companies based in America. In other words, we give people the advantages of a breakthrough product – a brand that offers true convenience, safety and peace of mind – while also strengthening the economy as a whole. We accomplish this goal without sacrificing quality, affordability or the ideals of OdorNo: to transform the marketplace, empowering individuals, families and consumers of all interests.

Building this brand starts with building jobs — in America, for our fellow Americans. Consider this undertaking part of our pledge to empower consumers and job seekers, an oath we honor with enthusiasm and a ceaseless devotion to the nation. Together, we can inspire others to follow our example.